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Digital Advertising Technology

Nowadays, our infrastructure offerings assist digital advertising generation corporations enhanced evaluation and concentrated on of their audiences, increase auction performance and supply a higher consumer reveal in.

The buying and selling of digital media area for advertising call for a bendy, dependable and occasional-latency it environment. This clean authentic for supply facet or call for facet systems permitting the acquisition and sale of impressions, a bidding exchange matching consumers and dealers, or a records control platform processing and storing big amounts of facts.

With a portfolio of information facilities near every primary advertising market within the world, a collection of optimized connectivity offerings, and hosting and cloud services tuned for overall performance, rxlib3n0 offers the infrastructure that meets the rigorous performance necessities of the digital advertising technology ecosystem.

Rapidly scale while maintaining performance

Hybrid Environments

Myserver enables virtual advertising technology businesses to hybridize disparate it infrastructure environments such as committed hosting, virtualized and bare-metal cloud over an unmarried unified network and unmarried management platform. Our hybridized infrastructure permits customers to split application workloads, assigning exceptional functions to the most suitable website hosting surroundings, saving time, cash, and improving performance. contact with us.

Improve transactional efficiency through optimized connectivity

High-Throughput Dedicated Hosting

Our Dedicated Servers are suitable for every budget from business start-ups and small to mid-level businesses perfect for medium/high traffic websites and e-commerce applications. In addition, each budget server offers add-ons which help you customise your level of management and support of the server, from backup to security patching and advanced monitoring.

Performance IP

Myserver’s redundant community architecture presents get entry to multiple network carrier providers (SNPs) in a single vicinity. Myserver’s patented Internet route optimization generation managed net direction optimizer (miro), complements border gateway protocol (BGP) by way of dynamically evaluating performance factors to pick out the pleasant course to any given destination, resulting in low latency, high availability and expanded software performance. contact with us.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Myserver’s can service creates the exceptional experience for end customers through ensuring that they constantly locate the facts they may be looking for, assisting a couple of distribution formats (Adobe Flash, along with dynamic streaming; device; Microsoft Silverlight and http streaming) and by way of offering powerful equipment for superior reporting and analytics. contact with us.

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