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we focus on creating the most reliable and affordable custom servers for our customers.

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Cpu CPU Speed RAM Storage Bandwidth /MO
Intel Xeon 5520 4 x 2.26 GHz + 8HT 16 GB (DDR3) 4x 250GB SATA 2 in stock
Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 4 x 3.2 GHz + 8HT 16 GB (DDR3) 4 TB SATA 2 in stock
Intel Xeon E3-1220v1 4 x 3.06 GHz + 4HT 32 GB (DDR3) 240GB SSD 4 in stock
Intel Xeon E5-2660v2 10 x 2.20 GHz + 20HT 32 GB (DDR3) 120GB SSD + 4TB Out of stock
Cpu CPU Speed RAM Storage Bandwidth /MO
Intel Xeon Dual 5420 8 x 2.5 GHz + 8HT 16 GB (ECC) 1TB GB SATA 4 in stock
Intel Dual Xeon 5520 8 x 2.26 GHz + 16HT 24 GB (DDR3) 3 TB SATA 4 in stock
Intel Dual Xeon 5520 8 x 2.26 GHz + 16HT 24 GB (DDR3) 240GB SSD + 3TB 4 in stock
Intel Dual Xeon 5639 12 x 2.13 GHz + 24HT 32 GB (DDR3) 2x2TB SATA 4 in stock
Intel Xeon Dual E5 2670 16 x 2.6 GHz + 32HT 32 GB (ECC) 4TB GB SATA 4 in stock

Included with every Dedicated Server

Get Raw Power of Bare Metal Servers Without Virtualization

Money Back Guarantee
24/7/365 Live Support
Fastest SSD Servers
Myserver Cloud Technology

Why Choose Myserver?

We provide true 24/7 support from our in-house technicians.

Simplified control panel

We don't use custom Free control Panel cPanel is the most secured and feature riched control panel ever.

Cloud Technology

We use cloud technology in our web server to provide you zero down time service.So, Our Service comes with 99.99% uptime Guarantee

Anti-DDoS Protection

Anti-DDoS Pro is a value-added service used to protect servers, including external servers against volumetric DDoS attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Very Simple, We have online Payment Gateway, you can pay using debit / credit card in Bangladesh. We have Paypal payment gateway for International Customers. Also we have mobile banking like bKash, Rocket etc.
We only publish our discounts / promotions in Facebook Page. Please visit our Facebook page to see any new promotion / offer. Without this we don't provide discount verbally.
Yes you can upgrade your package from Starter to Any Package, You can downgrade as well before New Billing Date. We are very flexible in that cases.
We use Enterprise Grade Server hardware. At least of XEON CPU, 64GB to 128GB RAM, 8-12 Core CPU etc. We are not Reseller, We provide from own Dedicated Server. Location: Europe, USA, Singapore is now operational, and, more locations are coming soon. stay with us!
Very Simple, Click on Get Started Now After any package which one you want actually. Then you have to enter your domain name and then you have to create an account with us in last step. that's it. any confusion? knock us at live chat or, call hotline.

Our Features

We have custom designed server architectures based on your intensive applications and workloads requirements. From Server, Network, Storage Configuration, RAM and Monitoring, up-to extended priority Support 24/7, we`ll make sure cover everything your business needs.

Around The Clock Security

One of our highest priorities is to provide security for customer's data. All data centers are surrounded with a gated perimeter fence with CCTV surveillance. Access to any facility requires photo identification. Each of our facilities is staffed by security guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Security within the data center is heavily restricted to specific floors, rooms, and cages that the individual should only have access to. Each floor and room requires a keycard and biometric verification.

MyServer vs Competitors

Focused on managing and servicing hosting infrastructure for organizations that require premium internet services, MyServer has become known for performance and reliability along with admirable service. Managed by a group of uniquely driven individuals, we appreciate the demands of even the most discerning customers. We are firm believers that the art and implementation of customer service is the minimum requirement that customers expect.

Enterprise Grade Climate Control and Redundancy

Every dedicated server offered is physically racked using only server grade SuperMicro equipment in tier 3 and tier 4 facilities. Each facility is climate controlled to provide the optimal temperature and humidity for the hardware. Every component within the data center, such as power, cooling, and network are fully redundant. We offer a 100% uptime SLA on power, cooling, and network operation for true enterprise grade availability.

24/7/365 In-House Data Center Support

An internet that doesn't sleep needs a dedicated team of technicians that are available to resolve issues within minutes of when they occur. Our data center is staffed with experienced in-house technicians around the clock that are never more than a few steps away from your servers. Whether it's a simple drive swap or a RAM upgrade, we have the staff and parts on-site to get the job done quickly and meet your needs on your schedule.

Top of The Line Data Centers

Service your customers world wide from our premium New York City Metro, Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California data centers. Each of our data centers have completed a SSAE 16 Type II audit to ensure the best security for your data. Never worry about power outages. Our electricity is maintained to each facility through redundant power feeds, backup UPS, and redundant generators. We maintain a below average data center temperature with redundant CRACs. Cooler temperatures allows servers to perform faster, without processors having to throttle down due to high temperatures.

Portal Control Panel

MyServer believes in quality and control, and to that end, we've developed a proprietary control panel for customers to tap into and use for their specific needs. Each customer receives a unique login which enables them to view and control network assets, view MyServer's inventory to make purchase decisions, setup subusers (end-users and resellers), and much more. Along with improving existing portal features, MyServer developers are working daily to add new features to the portal to meet specific user needs, While other competitors choose to follow by investing in off the shelf software for it's customers, we lead by example.

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