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United Kingdom

Powerful Security:

This data center is fully protected by a VESDA fire suppression system as well as fire resistant walls and design throughout the facility for maximum structural integrity and the protection of valuable customer server infrastructure.

Energy Efficiency Award :

In 2009, a report issued by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment described AMS1 as one of the world’s most energy saving data centers. AMS1 is also a member of Green Grid.The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a standard industry metric of energy efficiency. The PUE at AMS-01 currently equals 1.2. (Lower is better, and the best is 1.0, or no wasted energy at all.)

Our Vision:

Our vision is simple and one that combines creativity with the latest research and development in the tech world. We are a very customer oriented company, putting our customers first and always focusing on gaining and deserving the trust of every single one of our customers. So, we Listening to our customers, staying at the cutting edge of the latest trends in tech research, and constantly developing better web hosting products and services which enable us to fulfill this vision better and better every day.

Fully CO2-Neutral:

MS1 is a data center with sterling green credentials. Its operations are fully CO2-neutral, achieved by significant energy savings, the use of green energy, and investments in worldwide green projects – in cooperation with the Climate Neutral Group – carefully designed to restore the CO2 balance in the atmosphere and preserve our environment for future generations.